Jessica Biel Not Cool With Toxic Criticism

Jessica Biel is not going to put up with your beef folks! She does not like toxic criticism of her life, style, beauty or career so be aware of that the next time you go around telling people bad things about her.

Photographed above with Justin Timberlake as she rides her bike along the Hudson river in New York City to go work out, the longtime couple spent an hour at
the gym at the Chelsea Piers before riding back home July 23rd. They really are a couple of laid back cutie pies in their gym attire. Timberlake is currently filming Friends with Benefits in NYC but will
be appearing next in the Facebook-inspired The Social Network film.

Jessica will be the first to tell you that she does not like paying attention to ‘toxic’ criticism because its a waste of time to please people. This is pretty cool of her considering how much pressure any celebrity must be under constantly. Major props girl.

“If you let in,
what people say about you and how people think about you, it’s just
toxic. It’s just horrible to try to please a bunch of people that you’ve
never met before, who want to just make assumptions about your life and
your career,”
the A-Team star said.

Not only is Jessica not cool with all things ‘toxic’, she also has a real problem accepting compliments.

Jessica admits, “I think you
just kind of go with it more than anything else, because it’s incredibly
flattering to have that said about you. But come on, let’s get serious,
there are a lot of people around the world that we don’t know about who
are probably incredibly beautiful, so it just feels like, ‘OK, cool.
Thanks, I appreciate it.’ “

I think she should just go for it and accept those compliments like a real rebel! I mean come on girl, you’ve got it going on!