Jessica Alba’s Monkey Encounter

For those of you who thinking monkey’s are cute, Jessica Alba will beg to differ. Especially when they lick you teeth.

Jessica Alba tells the London Sun that MTV producers staged her kissing a chimpanzee so they’d have a shoo-in for “Most Romantic Moment Award” at their movie honors ceremony. Alba, 24, was filming a video insert for “The Fantastic Four” when MTV producers allegedly tossed a monkey into her arms, prodding her to simulate a girl-on-ape moment. “It was awful,” said Alba. “The monkey’s in my arms and I’m supposed to give her a peck,” Alba relates. “She opened my mouth and her tongue is scraping against my teeth. Monkey’s teeth are really long, kind of like a snake. Then I had to do it again, and she grabbed both of my ears and screamed in my face and showed me all of her teeth. I thought she was going to bite my face off.”

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Jessica’s Monkey Moment [Page Six]

(Images via Saving Face)