Jessica Alba Won’t Do Nude

July 12th, 2005 // 10 Comments

In a blow to heterosexual males around the world, Jessica Alba has announced that she will not do nudity.

She says, “I don’t do nudity, I never do nudity. I just don’t feel comfortable being naked around other people. Julia Roberts doesn’t do nudity. A lot of people don’t.

“I’m more into being intelligent, sophisticated and heartfelt, and if it comes across as sexual that’s fine, but it’s never my goal.”

Now who would want to see Julia Roberts nude?

Alba: ‘I won’t do nude scenes’ [Irish Examiner]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ashley

    I wish I was her, she’s so pretty. I didn’t notice her that much when she was on that “alex” something show on nickelodeon and she played the bitch, or whatever. Btw, I never knew what kim stewart looked like, but then I saw something on tv about her and that girl is the weirdest looking person. She looks like an anorexic man, with leathery skin and straggly blond hair. She reminded me of this

  2. cicelyfairfield

    she makes her living posing almost naked in men’s magazines but she won’t do nude? oh, right. she’s a serious actresss.

  3. blackmamba

    she doesn’t have to do nude scenes when the clothing she wears reveals

  4. me

    She looks naked to me.

  5. Marina

    I happen to very much like Jessica Alba, and I repsect her for not showing off her assests to the world. And I still fele abd for what happened to her with her see-through dress at the MTV Video awards!

    But Jessica…never say never

  6. Mariana

    She’s stunning in person; best skin ever. But I think we’ll have to wait until her career (and boobs) go south to see the Playboy spread as a last gasp.

  7. Bonni

    Hey Marina, are you saying you feel sorry for Jessica Alba because SHE CHOSE TO WEAR A SEE-THROUGH DRESS to an awards show, and you “repsect” her for not showing off her “assests”? Quit hitting the crack pipe…

  8. lala

    bonnie’s right it was her choice and she’s just a hypocrite for wearing THAT then say she woun’t do nude.

  9. Bink

    she looks naked to me too.

  10. Zippy

    She’s usually posing almost nude or is caught almost nude in public. She is very attractive but is as shallow as they come. P.S. Not much in the talent department either. LOL

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