Jessica Alba Makes Like A French Girl On A Bike

Ooh la la! Quelle belle surprise! Le croissant va avoir un ménage à trois avec la parapluie et un pamplemousse!

Here’s Jessica Alba bicycling through the pedestrian-friendly streets of Paris. Look how happy she is. She took full advantage of the good weather to make her way through Velib, the bicyclist-friendly part of Gay Paris. The actress also took a leisurely jaunt with some friends to a delicatessen, picking up some macaroons before visiting the museum Jeu De Paume near Les Tuileries.

Wow. That is a hell of a cultured way to spend an afternoon. Kind of reminds me of how I spent last weekend on my couch eating cupcakes and watching I Love Money on VH1.

Gallery Info: Jessica Alba strolls through Paris with some friends and cycles around the center of the city.