Jessica Alba Looks Like A Baby Dominatrix

I may be in the wrong here, but what the hell is Jessica Alba wearing? This multi-colored ugly dress is too short and with those dominatrix shoes, it’s even worse.

Of course, she was turning heads in the outfit when she appeared on David Letterman’s show to promote her movie Machete.

Now, I’m not saying she’s not good looking or that her legs aren’t amazing, but the overall effect is very prostitute-meets-homeless child.

The star, who is married to 31-year-old film producer Cash Warren, plays a U.S. Customs and Enforcement agent in the upcoming Machete film, which is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

“When I found out I was doing a movie with Robert De Niro and I totally got like blank in my mind, lost all of my lines, I stuttered, I freaked out and I broke into a sweat,” she said. “And then Robert sat me down and said, ‘You’re going to be fine’, and it was awesome.”

Check out the clip from her spot on the show after the jump! And check out more pictures of that horrible outfit!