Jessica Alba Is A Klutzy Comedian

There is more to Jessica Alba than just being a sex symbol! The 25 year- old actress who downplays that part of her celebrity, claims she is both funny and a bit of a klutz. In her upcoming movie “Good Luck, Chuck” Alba plays an accident-prone penguin specialist.

The former star of “Dark Angel” claims this character is totally her – crashing serving trays, smashing wine glasses, and pouring hot wax onto her co-star Dane Cook’s lap. Jessica how did you survive “Sin City,” and “Dark Angel” without killing yourself? Being naturally klutzy the young starlet had to work to become coordinated for all her fight scenes and stunts, working 90 hours a week to perfect the scenes. The actress sent five guys to the hospital during her time on “Dark Angel” because she accidentally knocked them out. Alba who has never had a comedic role in any of her films says she has been waiting all her life for an opportunity like this. The actress was named #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 Babe List in 2001, says she took her recent hosting gig on at the MTV Movie Awards as more of an audition as a chance to flex her comedic muscles. Apparently, it worked because after seeing her in the King Kong skit, Dane Cook immediately knew she was the one for the job!

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Written by Christy Pastore

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