Jessica Alba In FHM

March 16th, 2006 // 13 Comments

How does Jessica Alba stay in shape (as seen here in this sexy British FHM Collections (Spring/Summer 2006) shoot)? Tae-bo.

More photos of Jessica Alba in FHM, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ann

    I am so jealous of her. She is so gorgeous. If I could mold my body to look like that…must be nice.

  2. Surprisingly FHM didn’t make her look trashy. She looks really hot.

  3. jamie

    You know she is pretty and all that… but she is missing the IT women factor honestly her body looks like a young 14 yr old …and it has nothing to do with the fact of being slim or skinny there is alot sexy skinny slim or chubby ..women and girls outhere sexy factor missing in her”Body wise” also everytime she wears a dress is like dress wears her …I really like her, she is sweet pretty face and nice body ..but not ripe yet !

  4. maryanne29

    Ok, just so there’s no confusion, did she approve being in FHM? Just want to be sure.

    I think I saw that hairdo in one of the magazines at my grandmother’s hairdresser, but the girl has got it going on.

  5. Ok, just for the record:

    - Playboy Bad.

    - FHM Good.

    Somewhere in there, there’s a fine line drawn. Does it seem odd to anyone else that she’s willing to pose for one, but not the other?

    Between all the movies and photo shoots, what percentage of her skin haven’t we seen?

  6. doofus

    yeah, the girl is definitely gorgeous. nice bod too, although I saw one pic that looked like she got implants…which would be kind of disappointing. she does NOT need grapefruits on her chest to make her attractive.

    what she DOES need are acting lessons. the girl is painful to watch on screen.

  7. netty

    She’s aaaiight, she looks like Elizabeth Berkley to me

  8. Stewie Griffin

    um ok, she wants to sue Playboy for using that publicity pic ( from some movie she did that no one saw ) because she thinks it will ruin her reputation, but then she appears in the mother of all hooker magazines looking like well…a hooker? She makes no sense. She’s pretty but there are a million girls just as pretty and better looking….she needs to get over herself, her attitude is making her very ugly.

  9. C

    I think the reason she is pissed about the playboy cover is she didn’t give permission for it. She wasn’t in control of that particular part of her image and she didn’t want that to happen. Sooo if she wants to do FHM let her and if somewhere down the road she wants to do playboy too then that’s fine too. It was about her taking control of her career and having a say so on where her picture gets plastered. Additionally, she was upset because it lead guys to believe she was inside the magazine naked, which she wasn’t. She didn’t want that false advertizing either. Who can blame her? Jealous much? I think she looks great, aside from the horrible makeup job. Who slathered on the blush?!?!

  10. Small Fry

    While I think FHM is such a sleazy magazine it doesn’t even compare to Playboy. And besides, she is fully covered in every single photo, unlike most women who pose for this magazine. I give this girl props. She’s beautiful and doesn’t have to take off her clothes for attention. Good for her.

  11. Silasdog

    Sorry folks, but I gotta go along with StewieG on this one. And she’s no actress, that’s for damn sure. So she’s beautiful with minimum talent. Acting classes all over the country are filled with babes beter looking that her. Hey just my opinion.

  12. anon

    She’s hot, for sure, but I bet she’s a BITCH in real life.

    If I was with her, I’d fake the ‘pop out’ and blow out her o-ring.

    But maybe that’s just me

  13. jl

    Actually the pictures are from FHM Collections which is a fashion magazine.

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