Jessica Alba Cooks Thanksgiving Dinner For Her Family

Girlfriend looks like she could use a couple drumsticks.  If my Jewish granny saw her, she would probably cry and ask how long she has to live.  My grandmoms is the bombs!

Anyhoo, Jessica Alba, her husband Cash Warren, and their little kiddo Honor Marie spent the day at Alba’s parents’ house, where Jessica apparently was suckered into turkey duty.

“I made the turkey this year. My mom just laid it on me – a big 26 pounder. We do it potluck style.”

No wonder she’s so dour!  In all seriousness, I have never seen this woman smile.  I wonder if she’s one of those chicks who purposely never moves their face so that they will never have wrinkles.  My crows’ feet are telling me that may not be the worst idea.  Then again, she can magically make tattoos go away, so who’s to say she doesn’t have the same power over wrinkles?

Also, these pictures of her arriving at her parents’ house are totally bizarre.  One picture has a close-up of an indent on Jessica’s shin where something leaned against it in the car.  Am I the only one who finds that creepy?

Gallery Info: Jessica Alba, her family, and her shins arrive at her parents’ house for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles 11/26/09.