Jessica Alba Calls Tobey Maguire Fat

May 5th, 2005 // 9 Comments

It’s a slow gossip day.

Jessica Alba and her pals were hanging out at the Coldplay concert at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas the other night when Toby Maguire, who looks a lot bigger than he did in “Spider-Man” or “Seabiscuit,” approached. The two exchanged pleasantries. But after the lardy leading man left, Alba said to one girlfriend, “He’s [bleep]ing huge!” — sending both of them into hysterical laughter.

Wow, lardy. The Post has about as much class as Jessica Alba.

Tubby Toby [Page Six] – That was a Page Six spelling error, not mine.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laura

    I love Tobey. So what if he’s gained a few pounds. He’s still Tobey.

  2. He may be fat, but at least he could wear something decent, bathe, and shower every once in a while. Damn, have a little class.

  3. Jamaica

    That’s awful and so rude. But I wouldn’t think twice about a comment coming from the likes of her no-talent-having, tacky a**.

  4. medea

    he may be fat, BUT that lil bitch can’t dance her ass out of a prison rodeo!
    mean little “honey”

  5. jessica alba lives in a world of pretty people, anyone over a size 2 is dismissed like poor tubby tobey. what jessica doesn’t know is that tobey makes more money than her skank ass can, even if she’s half dressed humping a pole. tobey don’t take any dieting advise from eva herlzdgzg (whatever) – thin is desperatly IN

  6. Bunny

    Tobey has a pretty serious back injury of some kind. It nearly prevented him from playing “Spidey” in the second film, as doing the stunts required could have made thing worse. As a person who has suffered with a ruptured disk in my back for several years now, I can attest to the fact that you do put on wieght. It can be painful to move, roll over in bed, etc- and taking painkillers only add on the pounds. Jessica’s comment was either an uneducated one, or else she lives without compassion. What a sad life.

  7. Kiki The Bitch

    Jessica has no talent & is a complete wannabe.
    So what if he put on weight, does that change the person he is? I don’t think so….but i’m glad her comments were made public. It just puts the period
    on her tired, washed up a**. You may have been in sin city -but you didn’t carry the movie. Spidey 1&2 made millions and Tobey was the star of that show. Get a clue chica & wipe derek jeter’s remains off your mouth.

  8. After being forced to watch “Honey” I want my two hours back.

    “You got served.” Now THAT was a movie.

  9. kelly

    i think jessica alba is a jerk

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