Jessica Alba Does Some Mournful Furniture Shopping

January 18th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Jessica Alba has her hair and make-up all done quite nicely, and I’m also digging the outfit–the mini-dress and the boots. All in all, she looks pretty well put-together, which is probably why she’s not hiding her face underneath the brim of a hat. However, she is once again guarding her growing belly from the intrusive lens of the paparazzi camera. Man, what a dour expression she’s wearing throughout the entire process. If I had a enough time and money to spend an entire afternoon SHOPPING FOR FURNITURE, I’d be beaming the entire time. Shit, I can’t wipe the grin on my face when I finally have enough scraped together to get some shelves from Ikea.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. sassygirl

    I’d look dour too if the guilt of entrapping my boyfriend by getting pregnant was getting to me.

  2. Granger

    Maybe she had morning sickness.

    But I’d be smiling too if I could shop like a celebrity. One hour with Alba’s wallet and I’d be the happiest woman on the planet!

  3. Xine

    She probably has morning sickness.

  4. Xine

    She probably has morning sickness.

  5. kellygrrrl

    why is she so “spaced out”???
    Has she been Xenu’d?

  6. debkakes

    why does she have to smile all the time? For the swarming paparazzi? Sheesh, give her a break. She looks great, and she can do what she wants with her tummy.

  7. Dawn

    Give her a break about the smile…How about going furniture shopping with papparazzi chasing you from store to store? It is not easy to shop for anything with a smile when you are being followed and photographed at every moment

  8. J

    Over-rated and Average in the looks department.
    This chick should appreciate that someone even wants to take her picture. I’m sure she loved it when she was up and coming. I don’t get her – not a great talent, we won’t even know her name in 10 years. And quite a coincidence her boyfriend dumps her then she’s knocked up. She must have seen it coming. Nice trap!! He’ll still dump you in the end a baby fixes nothing.

  9. radgirl

    Definitely morning sickness, first few months can suck. Poor kid, she can’t help it she’s rich…

  10. Enz

    Read any of her interviews and she comes across as a raving bitch. She disparages her heritage, calls the papps fuckers in her interviews but happily poses with FREE swag at Sundance. At least she’s up for 3 awards she should be happy just to be nominated among such luminaries as Rob Schneider, Nicolette Sheridan and Lohan. Oh, except that its for the Razzies.

  11. John1151

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