Pregnancy Hasn’t Made Jessica Alba Any Less Obnoxious

It’s supposed to be the season of forgiveness, so I really should lighten up on her. Especially since she’s pregnant. But damn, look at the pained look on her face. That bag she’s carrying is probably three months of my rent! Look for the good in things. So you get a flashbulb or two in your face! At least you don’t have to worry about being able to afford a Yankee Swap gift for the office! Damn, and your acting talent is marginal! Anyway, there’s talk of Jessica Alba perhaps getting engaged to babydaddy Cash Warren. All sorts of stories are swirling about. One reports say that Jessica “doesn’t want to be pregnant in a dress” which I can understand, and is NOT engaged. Another has one of her “Fantastic Four” sequel co-stars Doug Jones referring to Cash as Jessica’s “fiance“. Keep in mind this dude was at a comic book convention when he said this and was probably realizing where his life had brought him at that moment and had gotten really drunk beforehand to cope. She probably doesn’t even know this dude’s name, so I’m going to take that one with a grain of salt. Jessica and Cash supposedly broke up this past July because Cash didn’t want to get married. Which means he’s totally challenged because isn’t he like a construction worker or something? This chick makes big bucks for doing very little. Don’t be an ass, Cash. But they reunited in August and the condom broke or something and now here we are. To Jessica’s credit, she has reportedly turned down at least three offers by various publications to photograph her while pregnant. Wow, it is Christmas. Jessica Alba just made me despite her less.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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