Jessica Alba’s Unhappy Birthday

April 28th, 2008 // 18 Comments

I don’t know much about pregnancy, but is there such a thing as pre-partum depression?

Jessica Alba went to dinner last night at Creperie with fiance Cash Warren and a couple of friends, including Romany Malco. Since Jessica turns 27 today, she was probably out for her birthday dinner.

Jessica looks like she is staring at that bottle of water with pure disdain. SHe must be terribly disappointed that she can’t even enjoy a little birthday cocktail. I’m sure Jessica won’t be pulling a Kerry Katona or Gwyneth Paltrow and imbibing anytime soon though.


More photos of Jessica Alba out to dinner are after the jump.


By Intern Traci

  1. Pea

    God, they all look bored as hell. It aint gonna last …

  2. katie

    Ms Alba always seems to be pissy about something.
    She comes across as a very sullen woman

  3. Jen

    When you get close to giving birth it can be depressing. You are miserable with this huge stomach and all the discomforts that come with it and just want to meet the baby already!

  4. M

    Oh please don’t make excuses for this bitch. Every time she is out in public she has that look on her face. They don’t call her MiserAlba for nothing.

  5. Sylence

    Yes there is..its called prenatal depression. She looks like she is suffering from it.

  6. kkma6313

    she so got knocked up to keep him and is now realising she’s still not happy AND is gonna be stuck with a baby soon.

  7. Nightlife

    Why would Jessica Alba get pregnant just to keep this guy? I do not understand where this views comes from. She is beautiful, rich and is the new big bright thing in Hollywood at the moment and she can have any man she wants who would probably be 100x better then Cash Warren, so why on earth would SHE bother going to this lengths to keep him. If else, I think HE was the one who might purposely get her pregnant just to keep her.

  8. I heard that it's

    because they both have herpes. They have to stay together. You know that whole “she contracted herpes from Jeter” rumor.

    It’s funny how people make excuses for her though. Try looking at pictures of her BEFORE she was pregnant. She has the same expression. And read some of her past interviews. She comes off as pure B*TCH.

  9. Iliana

    Let’s remember that Cash and Jessica broke up because she wanted to get married and he didn’t. They got back together and then she got pregnant and engaged. Maybe the theory of her getting pregnant to keep Cash around is not so crazy.

  10. walker

    +++++++++ The third picture she’s got her signature “Stick up the a*s” look. And in the rest of them she looks like she wants to cry. Who’s knows if it’s hormones or whatever, because as somebody else here said, she was looking like that way before she got pregnant.

  11. b*tch slap

    She’s probably depressed because she can’t put blond streaks in her hair anymore. Now she looks MORE…dare I say it?


  12. mk

    oh come on now! can we pick on someone else besides a pregnant women?

  13. naysayer

    Dude. You guys? Depression sucks, and alienation/pressure due to fame doesn’t help.

  14. Kixa

    nobody actually FORCED her to get pregnant.

  15. Kixa

    nobody actually FORCED her to get pregnant.

  16. simon says

    Oh come on, Misz I’m not Latina was miserable before she got knocked up, now she just has an excuse. And gettin’ knocked up by the dude that doesn’t wanna marry you, ummm, I’m guessing Lil Misz miserly skipped High School………

  17. ShellyBQ

    You guys are soo lame. Maybe she’s always in a pist off mode because she doesn’t get no privacy from you haters. To many make-up rumors about
    Jessica Alba. How do you even know if it’s true? How would like it if someone calling you guys a bitch with no life talkin shit. Oh yeah that’s already true. Anyways your jealous cause you can’t look like her or have a body like her. Ugly people always talk shit about beautiful people cause it’s obvious that they’re jealous. Duh!

  18. ShellyBQ

    Ugly people always talk shit about beautiful people cause it’s obvious that they’re jealous. Duh!

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