Jessica Alba Overcompensates in Her Interview with ‘Latina’ Magazine

February 21st, 2008 // 11 Comments

In what I can only assume is an attempt on Jessica Alba’s part to dismiss any rumors that she’s a self-hating Latina, she gave an interview with “Latina” magazine in which she sounds like she’s overcorrecting a bit. She gushed about how proud she was of her Mexican roots, saying, “I’m excited for my baby to be brown. I just have to believe the dark gene is going to survive. Cash and I are like, please!” How about just wishing that the your child be healthy? And not mentally-challenged, like its mother?

Jessica also told a little anecdote about her childhood to further emphasize her love of all things dark-skinned, including her father. “When I was little, I used to go up to black men and hold their legs, thinking it was my dad all the time. I’d wrap my arms around them, then look up and be like, ‘Oh my God!’”

She forgot to say that her reaction was so strong because she thought they might steal her purse. Kidding! She would never think that because she JUST said she wants a brown baby. Right?


More photos of Jessica Alba doing even more furniture shopping after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mrs M

    Why is her friend wearing that ridiculous outfit shopping for furniture. As for Alba, she just looks like a bitch.

  2. jazz

    Jessica’s a grade A asshole!! Does she engage her dumb ass brain before she speaks??

  3. Crap

    This is the same loser that had denied her Latin heritage past right???…lol she’s a fuckin idiot and a terrible .”actress.”

  4. AlliBaba1234

    OMG, I, like, TOTALLY have black friends!

  5. Tracy

    I would imagine she would have a brown baby, considering the baby’s father is half black. Wow, she’s bright.

  6. Logan

    Does she realize her private thoughts are actually coming out of her mouth, and we can hear them? Homer Simpson did that before, too.

  7. zee

    omg. just when i thought she couldn’t come out with dumber things.

  8. jen

    Am I missing something? She’s as freaking white as I am. What a dumbass! She’s a typical hollywood startlet, pretty to look at but absolutely NOTHING going on upstairs.

  9. Eyes of Green

    You know, if I was out telling people “Oh, I can’t wait for my snow white baby to be born! I hope it’s lily white with blonde hair and blue eyes !” I bet I’d be called racist and/or a Nazi. She’s just a freaking moron.

  10. Miss M.

    God, I hate this stupid twit. She hopes her baby will be “brown”? Who talks like this? Oh, I forgot, only the Alba Bitch. She is a miserable looking cow. I feel sorry for her unborn baby. The Alba Bitch has a cold, cold, cold heart.

  11. Lindy

    Don’t subscribe or renew to Latina Magazine!!!I won’t be renewing after having this moron on the front cover, she’s suppose to represent Mexican American people. How about Los Lonely Boys, Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros… who make me proud.

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