Jessica Alba Expecting a Boy?

January 30th, 2008 // 4 Comments

We have a theory that Jessica Alba and her boyfriend, Cash Warren are expecting a boy. After performing a number of scientific tests, digging through her trash and examining photos of her belly bump for hours on end…we came up with nothing. Then we read that she had recently purchased a bunch of baby stuff from the Los Angeles boutique Petit Tresor and that one of the items was a onesie with “I’m a Boy” written on it and well, we think she may subtly be hinting at the sex of her unborn.

I’m very curious to see how Cash and Jessica’s relationship holds up after this. Weren’t they on the brink of breaking up right before she got pregnant? Yeah, nothing fixes an ailing relationship quite like bringing a child into the world together.


More photos of a smiling Jessica Alba are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Dandy's Girl

    I hope so, and that when she changes his diaper he pees in her face.

  2. jjs

    she is such a snob. i hope that kid doesn’t learn from her how to treat people. otherwise, he’ll grow up a douche. oh wait, he’s kind of already a douche because of the genes. how unfortunate.

    i can hear a collective “SHIT NO!” from the male population all over the world who wanted it to be a girl. perverts.

  3. J

    yeah, she does seem snobby. for what reason? i couldn’t tell you. she’s not all that and she can’t act. i can’t see her staying with that hanger-on either just because he knocked her up. he looks so happy that he bagged her, but he clearly doesn’t wear the pants.

  4. Nadia

    Maybe she’s trying to throw the media off the scent by buying that ‘boy’ outfit… because she said she didn’t want anyone knowing ’til it was born, but in a couple of interviews she’s also said “when HE’s born, HE’ll be spoken to in Spanish & English…” and “We can’t wait ’til HE’s born…” …

    Kate Hudson did a similar thing when she was pregnant with her son… she didn’t want people to know the sex, so she threw a PINK baby shower!

    I don’t know though, just a theory… ;)

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