Jessica Simpson Tells Us About Her Life

Jessica Simpson called into Tucson’s Mojo In The Morning to set herself up for some pretty candid questions.  Simpson did a fairly good job of dodging some bullets, and gave some pretty safe answers. Blah Blah, Jessica.  Get drunk on ‘ritas and tell us how you really feel about Nick’s engagement.

(I may have tweaked the questions a smidge)

Does Simpson ever see or talk to ex-husband Lachey?

“No, I have not spoken to him in 5 years.  And I did not ever see him that night as well.”

Is fiance Eric Johnson a deadbeat stage-five clinger, or does he make his own money?

“Yes, absolutely.  He just got out of the NFL and was dealing with his own personal life and then he wants to be a life coach.  He is incredible to be around.  I see him doing a lot of things wit his career and his health and he is really an amazing guy.  That is absolutely not true.  I had no idea about my engagement ring.  He makes his own money and he buys meals and he pays for things.  So I don’t know where that came from.”