Jessica Simpson Shows Off Svelte Figure And A Smile At Macy’s Despite Family Issues [PHOTOS]

Jessica The Wench
Simpson dressed herself up for Halloween '12.
Look at you, Jessica Simpson!  All hot-to-trot with slimmer physique, standing next to your punk-rock sister, Ashlee Simpson and her Pink-inspired hair?

The gals headed to Macy’s at Costa Mesa, CA’s South Coast Plaza on Saturday (November 10th) to promote the Jessica Simpson and Jessica Simpson Girls Collection (designed by Ashlee).  There, they signed autographs and took photos with fans.

Despite their parents divorce proceedings, Jessica and Ashlee looked to be in good spirits.  Rumors are swirling about Joe Simpson being allegedly gay, which led to the end of his 34-marriage to Tina Simpson.  “Jessica’s diet has been seriously derailed ever since the gay allegations against her father were released,” a source reportedly told Radar Online (via Daily Mail). 

“While she’s not diverting from the diet, Jessica isn’t sticking to the portion plan and isn’t losing as much weight as she should,” the source added.  “She knows that as the Weight Watchers spokesperson she has to be more disciplined, but her emotions are all over the place right now.”

Obviously this sort of situation places stress on a family, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  We’ve all fallen off our diet plan at some point.  Jessica looks great, and anyone who watches their weight knows what a bitch of a time it is.