Jessica Simpson In All Brown: Fashion Do Or Fashion Don’t?

Jessica Simpson Pulls A Demi
Jessica Simpson poses nude for Elle Magazine
Interesting wardrobe choice, Jessica. Jessica Simpson was seen today wearing a gigantic green and brown poncho-type sweater, brown leather pants, and brown shoes as she headed to an office building in New York City. She also carried a brown bag. Do her sunglasses even seem to have a tinge of brown, too?

Jessica’s outfit probably would have been cute if she hadn’t thrown that gigantic poncho thing over it. With that addition, it looks like she’s drowning in a sea of brown everything. 

I’m just not a fan of the poncho in general. The colors of it are all dull and together they don’t provide anything fun to look at. The poncho swallows her up and all I can focus on is all the brown. Not that I have anything against that color, but there is such a thing as too much of something good. I definitely think this one was a fashion don’t.

The rest of her outfit, the shoes, pants, bag, and sunglasses, work well together and would look awesome if only they had a different top to work with. Something brighter, definitely.

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