Jessica Simpson Gave Eric Johnson A $42,000 Push Present After She Gave Birth

I’ve spent a lot of time hatin’ on Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson. To be fair, Eric really doesn’t DO that much. He plays golf. He takes Jessica out to eat. He keeps getting her pregnant. He tries to breathe through his mouth when she drops one of her nuclear farts. Rinse and repeat.

But I have come around on Eric slightly. Jessica seems very happy with him, he seems like a hands-on father and he does seem to genuinely love Jessica (and her bank account). Perhaps it’s possible that Jessica and Eric are perfect complements to each other? Perhaps. I think it helps that Jessica looks at Eric and she genuinely thinks, “Wow, I scored such an amazing guy!” Which might explain why SHE gave HIM a push present after SHE gave birth to their son Ace Knute.

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