Jessica Simpson: Dumpiest Dresser Of 2011 [PHOTOS]

December 5th, 2011 // 4 Comments

Every girl in the world wants to be comfortable 24/7, but that’s just not realistic.  And while I realize that Jessica Simpson is with child, she’s really been calling it in this past year with flowy tops and ponchos, leggings and Uggs.

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We’re all for denim cut-offs and cute wedges when the weather calls for it, but all the time?  And with tweed jackets?  Come on, Simpson.  Back in the day you were all about dressing like a lady (I weep for the days of Newlyweds).  And even though your style has been a bit cheesy, you still managed to throw an outfit together.

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Preggers or not, this hasn’t been Simpson’s year, style-wise.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Anon

    Ehhhh leave her alone. There is always something to trash her about. She can’t win regardless of how she dresses. Will the world stop revolving?

    She is living life her way tired of being trashed & bashed so whatever makes her happy let her be..

  2. Anon

    one thing for sure you will get real & how she feels & not fake or scamming you for attention & greed. That is a guarentee.. What you see & hear is what you get.

  3. It's ok relax....

    This is a blog about all aspects of celebrity and when one so called “FASHION EMPIRE” touting celeb is not living up to her own hype, she should be called out for it… now if this is how she keeps it real…then too bad, so sad!!

  4. guest

    She doesn’t want to be left alone, Anon. She is a walking billboard for all the crap she shills. Plus, she is a narcissist who would wither up and die if the tabloids quit printing the pictures taken by the photographers she hires to “pap” her. Like the poster above said, she promotes herself as some fashion expert, so when she looks like a fat slob all the time she deserves to be called out for it. At least she quit wearing those stupid shorts for winter. She doesn’t have the legs for them.

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