Jessica Simpson Posts Her Baby Bump To Twitter, Ashlee Simpson Shows Off Her Bikini Bod In Hawaii [PHOTOS]

The Simpson sisters were all about baring their bodies today–in two different ways.

Older sister Jessica showed off her baby bump on Twitter with the caption, Bumpin’ and Proud!” The newly pregnant star is currently enjoying a family vacation in Hawaii and took the opportunity to show off her bump in a bikini. So, how many months along is she? Cause from the looks of it she must be around 5. Then again, she was one of those bigger pregnant ladies even with Maxwell.

Sister Ashlee definitely does not have a baby bump going on. She and her son Bronx Wentz were having some fun in the sun and enjoying everything the Hawaiian beach had to offer. The thing I like about Ashlee is that she’s thin, but not grossly, overly thin. It works. Now, back to Jessica. 

As we mentioned before, it’s pretty amazing how Jessica is so good at making money off of her pregnancies. I can’t wait for her post-baby number 2 Weight Watchers commercials. It’s going to be super entertaining.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jessica’s pregnant belly and Ashlee’s bikini bod. What do you think of the Simpson family? Let us know in the comments!