Jessica Biel Nails It With Gerard Butler Rumors

If there were ever a celebrity to rebound with, it would be Gerard Butler.  He’s charming, handsome and kind of slutty which makes him the perfect man to help you bounce back from heartache.  We won’t get into the heartache Butler may cause as a rebound, as we all know that females don’t play the field too well.  Am I right, ladies?

E!‘s Ted Casablanca did some digging into rumors surrounding a flirtation between Butler, who was all smiles (swoon) and scruff March 13th at LAX, and Jessica BielUs Weekly cried spark between the two on the Louisiana set of Playing The Field, which Casablanca found to be untrue.  A source set says nothing has happened…yet.

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As you’re well aware, on-set romances are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.  Long hours, lots of scenes together…things transpire quicky on location.  It wouldn’t be the worst rebound in the world for Biel, who just recently split with Justin Timberlake.