Jessica Biel Gets Her Hair Did & Shows Us Her Strangely Dark Holiday Dream Room

Jessica Biel's Best Looks
A look back at Jessica Biel's best looks of 2012.
Oh damn, Jessica Biel. Look at you spending two hours in a salon and coming out with some banging hair.

Mrs. Timberlake was more than happy to show off her fancy hair and flash a smile for the photographers in LA earlier today. Clearly friends, it takes two hours to straighten that hair. See, I would say that’s ridiculous, but Jessica seems to have thick hair and since I’ve got that myself, I get it.

Now, on to Jessica’s holiday dream room. Which is dark and weird. 

The actress curated a dream room for Domaine, which was meant to reflect how she feels about the holidays. From what I can gather, Jessica doesn’t like the holidays. She covers the tree with black, and everything is dark–sure it’s really pretty, but it’s missing the holiday spirit. For me at least.

Check out all the photos and her holiday tips over at Domaine. Thoughts? I bet her done up hair would look lovely in that room. As would Justin.