Jessica & Ashlee Simpson’s Nine Hour Lawyer Visit [PHOTOS]

Yesterday (May 25), Jessica Simpson, her sister Ashlee Simpson and her mother Tina Simpson were spotted leaving a lawyers office in Century City, CA. The Simpson family spent nine hours in the office before finally departing for the day.

What on earth could they have been doing at a lawyer’s office all day long. My guess is that it either had to do with Ashlee’s divorce (if that’s actually still on), or Jessica Simpson’s wedding. She is worth a helluva lot!

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As for Jessica’s upcoming wedding to finance Eric Johnson, she says there is no way that she can compete with Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William. Ya think?

She said: “I absolutely adore Kate’s dress. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful, there’s no bride that can top a royal wedding. I’m not going to be wearing the same kind of thing, but it will be beautiful in its own right.”

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