Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Show Us How Very Different They Are

May 9th, 2011 // 3 Comments

There’s usually one in every family.  Showing us that she’s NOT her sister, Ashlee Simpson arrived for a family photo shoot in Beverly Hills Saturday looking like a dowdy hipster.  Simpson brought along her son, Bronx who looks like father Pete Wentz with a blond wig.

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Jessica, on the other hand, rolled up in an oversized sweater that hid her short-shorts, making us think she was all legs.  The hair was fully blown-out and the shoes were flashy (though kind of awesome).  The elder Simpson was hot steppin’ it with her fiance, Eric Johnson, who also chose to look slovenly (I’m guessing wardrobe was on-hand to provide more appropriate attire).

We have to admit that Jessica looks fantastic.  She’s enlisted the help of celeb trainer Tracy Anderson to get her into fighting shape for her upcoming wedding to Johnson, a former NFL player and Yale graduate.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Mary Lou

    Clothing wise maybe, slut-stupid brains are the same..

  2. Donnie

    Jessica is dumber than a box of hair. Overrated to the fourth power!

  3. Jessica Simpson no pants green sweater Ashlee Simpson Bronx photo shooot
    Commented on this photo:

    I would think being a queen of a shoe empire she could find some that fit. Not cute to have your toes curled over the top of your shoes.

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