Jessica Alba Rocks A Very Expensive Name Tag

Jessica Alba Hits The Beach
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren in Malibu.
I’m all for cute little accessories that have your name on it, but is it just me or does this seem a bit excessive?

Jessica Alba was seen sporting a large red purse with her name plastered across it in huge letters as she headed to her office in Santa Monica, California. Hm. Interesting fashion choice, Jessica. 

I know a lot of celebrities are into wearing their kids or significant other’s names on necklaces or other jewelry. Jessica has even been seen wearing an H necklace for her two children, girls Honor and Haven. But wearing your own name on a gigantic bag that you carry? I’m not sure I’m on board with it.

Jessica’s style has been a little bit out there lately, anyway. She may be a mother of two little girls, but she’s still trying to rock a youthful style. She was recently seen rocking a tight leather skirt with a tiger sweater. She definitely worked it, I’m just not sure if she should be?

Either way, Jessica definitely has her own distinct style. She’s being her own person, and I certainly can’t get on her case for that. You do you, girl. Why not, right?