Jessica Alba Premieres ‘Spy Kids 4′, Gives Fashion Advice To Honor

I wonder if Jessica Alba’s pediatrician was on call for today’s premiere of Spy Kids 4 because she looked two seconds away from bursting! And although neither Jeremy Piven or Joel McHale have a medical background, at least they managed to look handsome and put together next to the glowing mommy, a la Grey’s Anatomy.

Photos: Not Even Pregnancy Stops Jess From Working 6-inch Stilettos

So, I’m not necessarily a fan of the prom hairstyle, but YES PLEASE on that Dolce & Gabbana bling cuff she wore with the starry halter dress.  It seems like the new addition to the Alba-Warren household will have plenty of fashionable leads to take from Jessica.

But daughter, Honor, still hasn’t learned the valuable lesson of wearing sensible heels in public.

“I had to explain to her that only certain types of girls wearing plastic heels outdoors. So she’s only allowed to wear her princess plastic shoes indoors. I can’t really tell her why yet.”

Oh my funny. The stripper heels and walk-of-shame talk. It feels like just yesterday I too had the same conversation with my mom. #realtalk