Jessica Alba Is Trying “HypnoBirth” To Deliver Her Second Child

Jessica Alba is making every attempt possible to ease the pain of childbirth.  Alba told Us Magazine Monday that she and hubby Cash Warren attend “hypnobirth classes,” and recommends that other expectant moms do it, too.

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Alba appears on Ellen today, and explains to the talk show host why hypnobirth is a good idea:

“Basically my husband takes me through sort of a meditation. He’ll say, ‘you’re relaxed, and you’re floating on clouds while you’re going through labor and your contractions. I’m just concentrating on breathing and staying relaxed because it’s when you get tense that makes the whole labor worse and more painful. That’s all it is. It’s not like a weird thing.”

Alba decided on this mellow approach because things weren’t so rosy before she had two-year-old daughter Honor.  “I was freaked out going into it my first time going into labor,” she told the magazine. “Like what if I panic? What if I just freak out and I don’t know what to do?”

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Alba was spotted leaving her office in Los Angeles Tuesday.  The expectant mom is scheduled to make an appearance on Capitol Hill next week for the Safer Chemicals, Healthier Families Coalition to increase the safety of chemicals used in consumer products.