Jesse Williams Gives Us The Goods On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

New Grey’s Anatomy regular (and my new crush) Jesse Williams sat down with to answer a few questions about the upcoming season and being part of one of TV’s most popular medical dramas.

Williams plays Dr. Jackson Avery, new to to Seattle Grace last season and friend of a few fallen doctors.  Luckily, Williams’ character wasn’t axed, and he partakes in the healing process with other cast mates. 

Everybody went through that trauma, but we all went through our
own specific version of that. I wasn’t shot. Somebody else was shot and
almost died. We saved a life. Everybody has their own journey, and
we’re really getting to see that. We’re not just going back to the
library to move books around, not to diminish librarians. We have to go
back and have people’s lives put in our hands, so we have to go through
what’s happening now.

I’m super-psyched to see Williams as a series regular because he is sooooo easy on the eyes AND plays a doctor. HELLOIMINLOVE.

Williams just finished shooting The Cabin In The Woods, which does not have a release date.  The new season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres this Thursday, September 23rd at 8pm on ABC.

Williams and Grey’s co-star Kim Raver attended Disney ABC Family 2010 Summer TCA Tour on August 1st
at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.