Jesse Metcalfe’s On A Date

August 24th, 2005 // 23 Comments

While the date is pretty, I hate the outfit. He could do better.

(Images via Lime-Light)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Big A

    Anyone got a registration code so I can sign up for that message board?

  2. Verity

    Oh he is sooooo beautiful…

  3. miguelito

    HA HA HA

  4. sputnik

    he should go out with ricky martin. they’d make a hott couple

  5. jake

    nothing like a night out with the beard.

  6. jesse's girl

    why does everyone think he’s gay???

  7. Being spotted with a woman means he’s on a date?
    In that case I must not be a homosexual because I’m spotted with women all the time.
    That boy is the gheyest gheyghey ever.

  8. Icequeen

    Don’t know bout the gay thing, he’s a total coke whore though.

  9. ella

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  10. passer

    my opinion – I dont think the girl is pretty at all.

    but on the other hand, i dont understand the hype about him either. which straight guy waxes their eyebrows? he looks like a pantsy to me.

    maybe im biased, i hate that stupid desperate housewives show. anyone in it i dont care for.

  11. Gossip Guru

    Forget Jesse! Who is that guy behind him? Grrrr

  12. Uhm, Yeah

    They’re both hotties. MmmmmMMmmm Jesse.

  13. I understand getting work done on your eyebrows if you have a unibrow going on, but not if your eyebrows are normal to begin with.

    He’s too feminine for my tastes.

  14. Anonymous-san

    What’s wrong with his outfit? What does he need, a tight shirt and tight fitting jeans and an iPod shuffle stuffed in the back pocket or something?

  15. unemployed and bored

    Um, the date looks like Kay from Passions – Jesse’s former soap.

  16. Loves It

    Shes Butt Ugly! Hes very tasty tho and not gay! O and Desperate Housewives Rocks!

  17. Kickboxer

    He can do better with the outfit, but with all the gay rumors he does need to tone down his clothes taste and gay fantasies.

  18. jesse metcalfe is the HOTTEST GUY ON THE PLANET , he is so not gay you r all losers and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ROXS

  19. loz

    He is gorgeous! and anyone who thinks he isnt needs to have their eyes checked!Whats wrong with his outfit? Its casual and he looks great! And there’s nothing wrong with a guy wanting to take care of his appearance. Hate to see what you all look like if you have an issue with that!!!!!!

  20. jesse's#1fan

    i think the date is beautiful. they r dating steady now. jesse is sooo gorgeous and so not gay. desperate housewives is the greatest show on earth!

  21. njowett

    Jesse is so freakin’ hot.

  22. James

    I was listening to a radio station and a girl called in and said her husband used to play baskeball with Jesse in West Hollywood and that he is gay and had a boyfriend at the time that he would be kissing on constantly.

    So there….he is gay

  23. Carter

    Like someone previously asked. Why is there such speculation that he’s gay??? I mean when did these rumors start and why? I get it that he’s kind of “overly pretty” for a guy, but does that really mean he’s gay or is there something else about him. Perhaps something that involves someone else maybe?

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