Jesse Metcalfe Is Single?

He recently wrapped up a stay in rehab, and has now broken up with Girls Aloud singer, Nadine Coyle. I didn’t know he was dating–or that he even bothered maintaining the ruse of monogamy–but whatevs. Now that he’s been spotted with some mystery brunette (no guys, it’s not me), it seems that his long-distance relationship with Coyle has ended. Apparently, they’ve been together since Feburary of 2006 and on a romantic vacation to Hawaii this past March, the couple chatted about their relationship with OK! Magazine and posed for cozy, couple-y pics. Then, all of a sudden, Jesse checked his ass in to rehab and now he’s been out with some other chick.

British newspapers today (20Apr07) have published photos of Metcalfe and his mystery companion, while Coyle films a cameo in the St Trinian’s movie in England.

Coyle, 21, says, “It’s over between Jesse and me. I’m not the kind of girl to put up with nonsense like that.

“I’ll meet the right person when the time is right. I’m disappointed, but what can I do. There’s no point in hanging on when it’s gets to this stage.”

Well, considering I never knew this relationship existed, I think it’s probably for the best. Because Lord knows, if I don’t know about it, it’s probably not real in the first place.