Jesse Metcalfe And His Stuffed Animal Collection…WTF?!

Hello, my name is Jesse Metcalfe, and while you may know me for being a man-slut/non-actor, I prefer stuffed animals to people. OK, made that up obviously, but, yes, the man does have a very large stuffed animal collection. And no, not the cute, cuddly kind: the dead, hang-the-head-on-your-wall kind.

“I collect antique pieces, taxidermy,” Metcalfe said, pictured at the premiere of Life As We Know It on Sept. 30. “A wild Russian boar, a ram, a
waterbuck, a peacock that’s perched on my mantle. They’re incredible.”

Wow, just when I thought he could (albeit a little creepily) redeem himself from douche-baggery, he kills it just in the nick of time.