Jesse Metcalfe Pooches Out

A break-up will do some crazy things to a man. Jesse Metcalfe, for example, recently acquired a tiny dog after his split from British pop star, Nadine Coyle, and now he and the pooch are inseparable. On a recent flight out of the Los Angeles International Airport to San Francisco, Jesse opted to keep his tiny pet on the plane with him, rather than part with it for the duration of the 90-minute flight.

This is the first time the two have been seen out and about together and they were both heading out of town for Jesse to work on his latest film, “The Other End Of The Line.” That’s so awesome. Imagine the adventures they’ll have together. Staying up late in his hotel room, doing blow, getting hookers, getting drunk and crank-calling Nadine. I hope someone’s getting all of this on film. It will be infinitely more interesting than any movie that would have him starring in it.

Photos: Flynet Online

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Photos: Flynet Online