Jesse Metcalfe, Single and Hating It

The actor with the most hairless chest I’ve seen since my Ken doll was spotted partying in London after the break-up from his girlfriend, Nadine Coyle, of the British girl band, “Girls Aloud.” Jesse Metcalfe was dumped by Boyle after an on-again, off-again two year relationship plagued with rumors of Jesse’s infidelity.

According to an inside source that dished to the Daily Mail, “”Nadine decided to breakup with Jesse. She’s saying it’s just a break but we all know it’s not. They’ve had a very unstable relationship of late and she tried everything to make it work.” The singer is saying that the two “want different things” and that ultimately, that’s the reason for the split.

Jesse doesn’t look like he’s having all that much fun with his new freedom. Poor little John Tucker. That was my impression of trying to be sympathetic. Alas, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that convincing.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN