Jesse James Wins Custody Of Daughter Sunny

Jesse James has won physical custody of his daughter, Sunny, 7, and can move her to Texas where she can be closer to Sandra Bullock. The decision comes after a broiling custody battle with Sunny’s mom Janine Lindemulder.

Lindemulder, who was just recently released from a halfway house, broke down when the judge revealed his ruling. “I can’t do this!” she said, while putting her head down. “I’ll move! I’ll move!”

The judge made the decision based on Sunny’s bond with her older siblings that reside with James and how well she was doing currently in her father’s care. The judge also noted that he felt Lindemulder was in a “fragile position to make poor decisions.” No shit?

Once court adjourned, James immediately left on his motorcycle which seems fairly typical. Lindemulder, however, stopped and spoke to the press, saying, “[Sunny] will be fine. It hurts. Sandy is good. Jesse is good. Sunny loves baby Louis. She’s excited to move to Texas. [Bullock] will be good for her.”

I don’t know, I feel like Janine has more cards up her sleeves. People who are in halfway homes are usually halfway crazy and halfway normal, so take that for what it’s worth. Check out pics of both parents entering the court this morning!