Jesse James & Kat Von D Continue Their Public Love Parade

I think we can now safely say that Jesse James has a type, and somehow Sandra Bullock managed to fall into his mess of a life.

James and Kat Von D continued to flaunt their coupledom. Thursday night they attended the tattoo artist’s latest project, ‘Wonderland Gallery’ held at Wonderland Gallery in West Hollywod, California, while yesterday they were just about everywhere.

The pair stopped for gas, and Kat had to get out of the car while Jesse pumped. Cue photo op. Then the couple went to grab some lunch at the Urth Cafe in West Hollywood. Cue photo op. Lastly, it was back to Kat’s tattoo parlor. Cue photo op. (Video is after the jump.)

We get it Jesse, you’ve moved on. We get it Kat Von D, you’re an opportunistic fame whore.