Jesse James Finally Gets It

And by ‘it,’ I am not referring the realization that the overalls need to go.  Clearly.

No, Jesse James looks to have finally realized that his marriage to Sandra Bullock is over.  Popeater has the inside story from Jesse’s friend:

“Jesse is finally admitting to himself that he blew it.  The marriage of five years with Sandra Bullock is over and he only has himself to blame.  His stint at the Arizona rehab facility helped Jesse understand what he has done to his wife and his family.  He is a beaten man.  Jesse removing his wedding ring is a big deal.  As long as he wore his wedding ring, he believed there was some hope.  Now, he is finally admitting to himself and everyone else that any chance of getting back together with Sandra is dead.”

If Jesse wasn’t such a douche nozzle, I’d almost feel sorry for him.

In these pictures of Jesse dropping off his his two daughters, Sunny and Chandler, at school yesterday, he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring (I know it’s hard to tell, but the photo service says it’s true and they were there, so just accept it).

And for those of you (ok, it’s me) who are worried about Sandra, the anonymous friend went on to say:

“It’s over between Sandra and Jesse.  For a while, it looked like she was going to forgive him but not now.  But way too much has happened and after spending time alone, Sandra has realized that she deserves better.  It’s not going to be easy, but she’s an amazingly strong lady.  Don’t worry, she will survive.”