Jesse James Feels Sorry For Himself In First Interview Since Scandal

I’m not really sure why Jesse James, who took his kids to school on Monday (May 17), chose to give an interview since everything he says is pretty much going to go in one ear and out into the trash, but none the less James talked to Vicki Mabrey on ABC’s Nightline about being a douchebag. And none the less I’m going to watch it.

In an early clip from the interview, James responds to Mabrey’s comment that he might be the most hated man in American by laughing and saying “I think I’m the most hated man in the world now.” Except I don’t think that people in Ethiopia know your name or care that you suck.

When she says “You cheated on your wife” he quickly says “Yep” and then says “I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away.” He actually seems oddly mellow until he appears to become emotional and asks for a break.

From just the information in the clip it sounds like the guy just feels sorry for himself and not the woman he hurt, although Sandra Bullock really doesn’t need his pity.
Will you watch on Tuesday?

Check out the clip after the jump.