Jesse Williams Looks Dead Sexy While Filming ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ [PHOTOS]

Jesse Williams looked ridiculously hot while filming Grey’s Anatomy in Los Angeles today (April 4th).  In between takes, Williams looked over at the prying paparazzi.  And for that, we thank him.

Williams was joined by Grey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo and Sarah Drew, and it was recently announced that the ABC medical drama was picked up for a ninth season.  Executive producer Shonda Rhimes recently told E! that next season is going to be a good one.

“Things get really juicy. It’s very interesting watching the residents grow up and they are starting to be attendings and they are starting looking for jobs and things get very dicey,” Rimes explained.  “I can’t say what’s going to happen with that, but that’s going to be a really interesting time because if you don’t pass your boards, you don’t necessarily get a job.”