Jesse Williams At The Center Of ‘Catching Fire’ Casting Battle

Nothing brings about a good old racist discussion than casting a film adaptation of a beloved book.  So went the bru-ha-ha with Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in The Hunger Games, and now fans are up in arms over the casting of Finnick in the second installment, Catching Fire.

On fan has started a campaign to see Grey’s Anatomy and Cabin In The Woods star Jesse Williams play the hunky character with “incredible” sea-green eyes, according to Jezebel.

I think that Jesse Wiliams just won’t work. Finnick Odair in my eyes is Tall, young, disheveled medium long luscious Golden blonde hair, ocean blue colored eyes, he has a glowing tan, washboard abs, and wears almost no clothes, at the same times carries a trident. That is the guy i wan’t to see as Finnick. For example PERFECT GUY is Ian Somerhalder. Color him blonde and throw in some contacts and wala you have Finnick Odair!

I’m sorry but unless I read the wrong book, isn’t Finnick Caucasian? By tanned skin Collins meant his skin was darkened from the sun (swimming/fishing) not that he is of a darker skin ethnicity… Don’t get me wrong, this guy is great just completely wrong for this role. 

Another person wrote on the moderator’s tumblr account that “being tan (one of the descriptions of Finnick) is only for white people because black people are black already.”  What brilliant minds troll such sites.

What does Williams have to say about this?  ” I didn’t know what the heck a Finnick was when I was getting a lot of the questions about it,” Williams told E!.  “People are creative about that kind of stuff, and now I’ll try to figure out if that’s something that’s interesting to me.”

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