Jesse Metcalfe Insists On Being Shirtless After The Gym, No One Complains

Jesse Metcalfe Shirtless
Jesse shows of his six pack for the cameras.

There are few things more fun to wake up to than shirtless pictures of Jesse Metcalfe.

So thanks for that world. The super sexy actor was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday (June 4) leaving his local gym with his fiancée, Cara Santana. She was a bit more clothed than Jesse, but we did get to see her incredible abs.

Too bad that neither of them were showing off their beach bods. Well, I guess that Jesse sort of is. So when are these gonna tie the knot and give us a bunch of really pretty babies? 

Oh god, I just got a really weird picture in my head of tiny babies with Jesse’s abs. Yeah, good luck getting that out of your head later.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jesse and Cara’s abs. Maybe it’ll be your morning workout motivation. Now, excuse me as I go eat some brownies for breakfast.