Jesse Eisenberg Not So Against Talking During A Movie, On Set With Ellen Page

Oh Jesse Eisenberg, you diplomat you. Leave it to the faux creator of Facebook to have a fantastic answer to the problem of people talking during movies. Huffington Post reported that Jesse doesn’t so much fault the people as much as he does the movie.

Jesse was recently interviewed by the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre about this problem. For those of you who don’t know, the Alamo Drafthouse has like a policy about talking during a movie that is if you talk and someone has to tell you to stop, then they kick you out. Jesse was asked how he felt about the talking and frankly, he didn’t seem to mind. You can see the video of the interview after the jump.

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Jesse said in the interview, “I feel like if people are talking, you know, during the movie about something that doesn’t have to do with the movie, then probably it’s the fault of the people who made the movie…So, I wouldn’t blame the people talking, I’d blame the people in it.” In my opinion he has a point. There’s a similar idea in theatre that if the audience is focused on whether or not the door is perfectly straight then the director has bigger problems to worry about.

You know, I like this Jesse. And not just cause he’s in Woody Allen’s new move film Bop Decameron. He and co-star Ellen Page were recently spotted filming. Check out the gallery for photos of that. Sadly, Ellen wasn’t wearing a sexy red dress à la Penelope Cruz. C’est la vie. Make sure to watch Jesse’s interview about movie-talking after the jump.