Jess Alba Spreading Her Wings as a Singleton

In the wake of her split from her boyfriend, Cash Warren, Jessica Alba seems to be having little trouble adjusting to her foray back into single life. The actress bid a final farewell to Warren, her boyfriend of two years, at a lunch late last month in order to sort out some final issues of their relationship.

The duo met up for lunch July 27, but it was to “say those final things that needed to be said,” a source tells Us. “She’s definitely enjoying being single right now,” another pal confirms.

Although she claims to wear her beauty like an albatross around her well-tanned neck, I doubt Jessica will have much trouble finding guys to help comfort her during this new phase of her life. It’s just her insistence on sharing her annoying opinions that might actually present a problem. She should make this her mantra, “More bikinis, less talking.”

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