Jersey Shore Kids Iced Out In Miami

April 10th, 2010 // 1 Comment

It looks like MTV is already paying for their poor decision to bring these guys back for another season of Jersey Shore (seen here filming in Miami) because the clubs in South Beach aren’t having it.

Some tattletale told

“A lot of places in South Beach aren’t letting them in.  They’re not welcome at many spots, and they’re getting refused all over the place.”

It’s cold in Miami!

“A lot of places don’t want the cast in their clubs and restaurants because they don’t have the best reputation and they’re concerned about fights breaking out,” the source said.

Fair enough.  If I saw these guys, I’d probably fight the urge to smack them around too.  I’m sure they’ll have more luck getting shit-faced and laid once they’re back in Jersey.

The real truth is that I watched every episode of this garbage last season (I thought it was hilarious!).  And I wouldn’t mind seeing another season with some different people at the Jersey Shore, but not more of these goons in Miami.  The fact that these idiots are getting rich and famous BECAUSE of their stupidity just makes my skin crawl.

Is anyone else planning to watch this?

By Nicole Steadman

  1. tom

    Really Miami kicked out all these guys! Miami, really…. really.. the whole f ing city is full of drug lords, murders, dealers, coked out tweekers, and the bars didn’t want them there. Its like a costume party all the time. No one ever sleeps! And they are worried about their reputation. I could give two shi.. about jersey shore btw!

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