‘Jersey Shore’ Girls Clean Up Well, While Guys Stay Shirtless

I barely recognize the Jersey Shore girls, boobs covered and knees crossed. While photographers just want to see the boys shirtless and have Bar Refeali do nasty things to their sandwich, Harper’s Bazaar killed to reality TV promotions with one stone by having Tinsley Mortimer teach the girls social grace lessons. That ain’t gonna help High Society honey, but who doesn’t love a makeover? Anyone recognize that dress on JWoww?

The transformation didn’t do much to change the girl’s inner Jersey.

“I know a couple things about manners,” explained Snooki. “I just don’t use them.” JWoww wouldn’t changer her look including those huge balloons on her chest. “I’d do [a boob job] every year if I could.” 

One place there is change for Snooki’s is in being recognized. “I can’t go out without being noticed. I still go to Dunkin’ Donuts…[but] oh, my God, it’s hard work.”

Meanwhile the boys keep up the shirtless life in Miami and The Situation counts how much money it might take to get Bar to sit next to him in real life. He doesn’t have enough.