‘Jersey Shore’ Star JWoww: What A Difference A Year Makes [PHOTOS]

August 27th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Though Jenni “JWOWW” Farley‘s facial transformation isn’t as obvious at Bristol Palin‘s, there is a clear distinction between Jwoww now and Jwow last year.  Take, for instance, a picture of Jwoww last night at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.  For comparison’s sake, we put it next to a picture of her at the Jersey Shore soundtrack album release party in New York City on July 13th of last year.

The Jersey Shore star insists that she’s had no plastic surgery to make her face look so stretchy.  That’s fine, just stop making duck faces.

PHOTOS: JWOWW Gets Grabby With Another Girl

And while you all were boarding up your houses and storefronts in preparation for Hurricane Irene, MTV flew the band of leather bags from different parts of the country so that they could make tomorrow’s VMAs.  Right, did I mention that MTV flew them PRIVATELY?  Vinny, Snooki, Deena and Mike flew out of Teterboro, New Jersey this morning.  Pauly D will be coming in from Oklahoma, while Ronnie will be flown from Rhode Island, according to Us Weekly.

I give up.  I’m just going to lose all self-respect and audition for a reality show.

By Kelly Lynch

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