‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki And Boyfriend Jionni LaValle Split

What did Ronnie tell us in season one?  Never fall in love on the Jersey Shore.  When you do, rotten things happen.  Look at him and Sammi!  Arguments and fisticuffs run rampant to this day when you mix tri-staters and libations.

Such is the case for Snooki and her main squeeze, Jionni LaValleLife & Style reports that the couple have parted ways after LaValle traveled to Florence for a little time, love and tenderness.  Word has it that the pair engaged in a heated altercation up in da club one night, but the next day made amends.  Alas, theirs was a romance not built to last, so Snooki and Jionni decided to part ways due to distance and trust issues.  They had been dating since last fall.

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“He said it was hard for them to be apart, and that with the whole world knowing her past, he finds it very hard to trust her,” a source close to LaValle told Life & Style. “He said that as far as he was concerned, if she did anything wrong in Italy, it was over.

“When he got back from Italy, he called a mutual friend [of ours] and said that they had broken up,” adds the source. “I think he was just really sad about being away from her so much. I’m not sure who broke up with whom — it seems to be mutual because of the distance and the time apart.”

LaValle knows that Snooki’s not in Florence forever, right?  Love lifts us up where we belong.

Not even gonna touch those stupid boots.