‘Jersey Shore’ Is Officially ‘Sober House’ [PHOTOS]

May 31st, 2012 // Leave a Comment

So, the cast of Jersey Shore reconvened at the Seaside Heights location that made them famous today (May 31st), ready to tape a sixth season.  I’ve got a few questions for MTV before we begin.

1) It’s reported that Snooki will live in a separate house because she is pregnant.  With the meatball in a separate house and skipping nights out at Karma, doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the show?

2) The Situation is fresh out of rehab and is rumored to have invited a sober coach to stay with him (and everyone) at the clinic house.  Again, this series depends on all cast members being drunk a minimum of 19 hours a day.  How will this not affect the show?

Methinks you’re losing your golden goose, MTV.

By Kelly Lynch

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