Jerry Seinfeld Will Help Your Marriage

What’s a good way to get a guy less freaked about marriage? Make it like sports. And while plenty of tackling is good, the real game time decisions are necessary in those pesky marital spats. Enter Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld is producing a new show, The Marriage Ref set to debut on NBC on March 4th. “This is the way marriage should be; everybody needs a ref,” said Seinfeld. The man who broke up with women because they had man hands on Seinfeld is interested in examining the entertainment of commitment. “I have been married for 10 years and as I was married I started to find it very funny and I wondered if you could do a show about just how funny marriage is.”

Tom Papa, who has been on tour with Seinfeld the last eight years will be the actual Marriage Ref settling once and for all that toilet seat argument (hopefully). The couples will present their problems and Ref Papa will make a call declaring the winner. The winner gets a prize and no one has to go to bed angry.

And what would a reality show be without a celebrity panel? A rotating group of celebrities will weigh during the Ref’s decision. What a tasty treat for celebrities to analyze everyone else’s marriages for a change! (Come on Brangelina…)

Married couples can submit their disagreements here which I would recommend doing soon before it premieres and the show has more submissions than it can handle. The show hasn’t even started and the Facebook page has 1,803 fans.

Now if only they can get these crazy kids Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen on as contestants.

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