Jerry Seinfeld Too Rich And Disconnected From Society To Realize That Not Everyone Will Love A Rape Joke

June 22nd, 2007 // 12 Comments


Jerry Seinfeld was speaking about that stupid bee movie called, uh, “Bee Movie” and made a joke about rape. I know it’s thrilling to make jokes about taboo subjects. Yesterday I was acting whimsical and kidding around about the seriousness of subjects like bulimia and Lou Gehrig’s disease. And of course, someone’s grandma died from it and told me and I felt like a dick. It lasted about three seconds, but that’s three seconds of proof that I have a conscience! Anyway – people got up in arms about Jerry rape-jokin’.

Promoting his new animated film, Bee Movie, in the New York Daily News today, the usually family-friendly comic quipped, “Bees have the only perfect society on earth … They have no crime, they have no drugs, they have no rape. A little rape, but it’s not that bad.”

Karen Baker, director of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, says she has trouble understanding why Seinfeld would make such a joke, particularly in the context of a film for children. “It surprised me, frankly, because I’ve always been a Jerry Seinfeld fan,” she says. “With what I hear about every single day, I don’t find anything at all funny about rape, and I don’t like it being made light of. I understand he’s a comedian and he’s inclined to find humor in everything, but it was offensive.”

Sounds like Jerry was tired of promoting this bullshit and kamikazied his way out of it. This is like the time Julia Roberts was promoting “Charlotte’s Web” and made jokes about kiddie porn. Enough contact with Dakota Fanning, and the part of your brain that tells you right from wrong will be erased as well. Is she in “Bee Movie”? Now I get it, Jerry.

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    “They have no crime, they have no drugs, they have no rape. A little rape, but it’s not that bad.”

    Rape is a crime, Fuckwit

  2. caroline

    yeah, i don’t see what the big deal is. sorry.

  3. zoe

    Please, this is ridiculous. He is a comedian! So what? I didn’t think the comment was bad at all. It’s a joke poking fun at how insects (and animals alike) will just hump anything they want. Come on… Hasn’t anyone watched the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet? Lighten up. He’s not diminishing the seriousness of human rape – he’s talking about bees for christ’s sake. I think people freak out at the drop of a hat these days about everything, and it’s sad.

  4. M

    I agree what is the big deal??! He is speaking in the context of “bee society” anyway. It’s a JOKE. Damn people need to lighten the fuck up.

  5. green cardigan

    First of all, this is a children’s film, the f/cker is dressed up as a bee, so why is he even talking about sex or rape?

    This is offensive. He should have stopped and thought before he opened his mouth. ‘A little rape, but it’s not that bad’.

    Victims of rape and other sexual violence are often slow to report the crime for fear of not being believed or that it was their own fault.
    This langer is doing no one any favours by making offhand remarks like this.

  6. whatdothebeesthink

    The only ones who should be pissed are the bees.

    I think the joke’s funny. Of course, I’m not the director of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

    The producers may have even asked him to throw in a little adult humor to get the parents to want to go see the movie. It just wasn’t as subtle as it should have been (not even close).

  7. lulu larue

    Jerry used the exact same joke in the recent special HBO broadcast to (kiss his ass) recognize him for being the best comedian EVER! It was not a great joke, but it wasn’t offensive to this previous victim of a sexual assault. Garry Shandling’s painfully obvious inability to move his face was much more so…

  8. TheRage

    lu lu larue – i’m coming form the same standpoint as you and i also find no offense in it. people are just getting too senstive these days.

  9. Ray

    I was more offended by Rosie’s “hanging out with those heteros” joke than by this.

    Diplomacy Alert: I can understand that some folks might find it insensitive.

  10. cu next tuesday

    is it really about people being too sensitive? or are we becoming desensitized? it’s not so much about continuing a cycle of victimization and whining about every little thing that might be offensive as it is that sometimes, somethings are not funny.
    but he was talking about bees, so the rest of us who are not laughing get called uptight? Can’t I just be offended if I feel like it? dang.

    I laugh at all kinds of wrong shit, the basis of good comedy is usually something shocking or painful.

    he is just a lame comedian and he didn’t pull it off.

  11. otto

    Enough contact with Dakota Fanning, and the part of your brain that tells you right from wrong will be erased as well? What the fuck did she do? Dakota is a talented and successful actress who has done NOTHING unseemly in public. So why in the fuck would contact with her not allow a person to know right from wrong? Where in the fuck would that even come from? Because she portrayed a rape victim in Hounddog? So that’s the basis for such a lame joke? Fuck you, asshole.

  12. T-bone

    I’m with you, Green. Kids mixed with words like rape — not funny.

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