Jeremy Piven’s Gayer Than a Picnic Basket

Not really. Look, I know you struggled for years in shitty movies. And I know watching Cusack get all the good roles and all the broads musta been tough. But seriously, deflate that head. Piven’s all joking he’s gay and saying he always seems to be out partying because he’s so damn popular . Shut it.

JEREMY Piven likes to joke about why he’s 41 and single. “I’d love to have a girlfriend – if I weren’t gay,” he tells Playboy’s March issue. “That’s right, I’m gay! I’m gayer than Liberace in 1972.” As to why he’s seen as a round-the-clock party boy, Piven adds, “At the moment, I happen to be the mother[bleep]ing pretty girl . . . The pretty girl who goes to the hot spot sure does look like she goes out all the time, right?”

A friend and fellow homo thinks Piven is the hottest thing since nuclear fission. For a brief amount of time, I would have agreed with him. But he’s just so desperate to be cool and sassy. Stop. Sit down. Go make up with Cusack and have a beer and an ego check.


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